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Looking Forward to the 07 Season


Manny stays unless Theo and the boys can pull of a major Coup and equal or greater value in return. The odds of this are like raising the dead,solving the grand unification theory of physics and winning the Megabucks all in one night. Not impossible, just extremely improbable.

Wily Mo-
There is a small chance that something could tempt the sox to trade Pena  but that poer isn't easy to find. It's likey they keep him and bounce him between Cfand Cf for what will amount to full time duty.

Nixon- the eternal DList will be gone. His value is much greater on another team.

Coco- 80% chance he is gone or replaced with "someone " who is more capable in the minor system. I think that Coco was a gamble, intended as a stop gap and possibly a caculated scape goat.

Eric Hinskie- I don't see Hinskie as much of a solution for the sox but they might keep him as a bench player. He will in all probabilty be tossed into a package trade durin the offseason.

Kapler- I think that Kapler is one day headed for the front office or coaching system of the sox. i get the sense they really just like the guy. He'll be the 4th/5th Of as long as he can run feild and throw like always. His bat is average at very best,thats the life of a bench man.

-   or Ellsbury,Jacoby. I think that this was the sox overall plan. Get Ellsbury ready for full time CF duty in Fenway. He is Johnny Damon on a public school teachers salary. Fast and can hit with some power. Likely to be a lead off hitter. He currently has a ..323/.391/.445 line in double A.

  If they can get an Andrew Jones then Ellsbury might be in AAA for a year or so.


Youk- Will be here for some time first or third. He's good and cheap. Good glove and great bat, could use some more power but you can't complain.

Loretta-  95% probabilty he's gone. He's a good fielder with a limited range. has great bat control and rarely strikes out.

Pedroia-  I don't see him being a starter. Might be a stop gap at second base. expect a free agent to play second.

Lowell- Might be traded if it's for a decent starting pitcher otherwise he's probably going to still be manning 3rd another year.

Gonzales- Might get the same deal as this year. He'll probably be signed through spring training but the team will we looking ofr other options the entire time.

Pitchers + Catchers

-  While he is in serious decline the team is stuck with him. He will be better suited to be a coach in about 2 years. His bat is just terrible this season. I just hope it was ll due to his knee. The off season holds thekey to his return.

Mirabelli-  will probably see a replay of this seasons confusion. His bat is almost worth all the past balls......hell he's not catching great either.

Joe Mauer- The needs to kidnap him,pronto!

Schilig -retires

Wells-  retires

Wakefield- could retire,health determines it.

Timlin- possibly retires.

Foulke-  will whine about retiring untill someone forces him to.

Tavarez- probabaly stabs someone and goes to jail.

Clement- will get traded.

DiNardo- 60% traded.

what's left for pitching.......






Kasson Gabbard.

David Pauley

Edgar Martinez

SO forget about " we need pithcing now"..........we have almost NONE next year@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DH- King Kong.
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